The metrological room to control the quality of our products is organized as follows:

  • Profilometer Mitutoyo PH-A14
  • Digital Altimeter to trace pieces Mitutoyo
  • Digital Comparator Mitutoyo
  • Digital waterproof micrometers Mitutoyo
  • Digital waterproof centesimal caliper Mitutoyo
  • Comparing floor



Quality policy

The Management, aware of the importance that Quality has for the continuity and the success of the Company, feels the need to communicate to all its stakeholders the principles on which it must be based. Starting from the belief that the customer is at the top of the factors of business life, the success of ITAL TURNING is based on the competence of the people who compose it and on the ability to respond promptly to the needs of its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, public bodies, etc. .) with professionalism and quality of service.
The Directorate-General, therefore, undertakes to pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its performance, making available all the necessary support (people, infrastructures, resources for monitoring and measurement).


  • ensure that its activities are carried out according to the binding aspects, in the field of health and safety at work, and quality;
  • directing, managing and operating according to a careful analysis of risks and opportunities through the internal and external context of ITAL TURNING;
  • provide products that always meet the explicit and implicit requirements contractually required, with the objective of improving customer satisfaction;
  • monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of production and support processes to achieve the established service standards and the established objectives, promoting all the necessary initiatives to guarantee continuous improvement;
  • carry out systematic reviews at least once a year in order to verify the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in order to adapt its requirements and characteristics to changing internal and external conditions;
  • provide adequate human and technical resources (machinery, equipment, technology and infrastructure) to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • control the quality of the products and services of its suppliers;
  • to promote, through adequate training, awareness and involvement of all the staff of ITAL TURNING or acting on its behalf, to quality;
  • communicate, disseminate and promote company policy, within the organization and to all interested parties, through appropriate methods of guidance, awareness and motivation, which make the objectives and programs shared.

This is our policy and to this end we have built and periodically re-examine and keep effective, a Business Management System that follows the provisions of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.